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Greece, murmurs of the Gods
The cradle of Western civilisation, this Greece that we have watched develop surprises by its contrasts. Wisdom struggling to emerge from the sphere of logos that created it. Democracy was attained in 1974. The language hesitated between modern Greek and Katharevousa until 1976. And the nation has difficulty entering into a Europe that it had traditionally led.

Dreams of Hellenism nourished by the memories of Philip and Alexander. Hesitation between a prestigious past and a future with everything to accomplish. As if, of the immense heritage bequeathed to the West, Greece kept for itself only the ancient metaphysical question of Parmenides and Heraclites, between being and becoming. But this hiatus that runs through the Greece of today is exactly what makes it so beautiful, so humane. Forgetting dreams of conquest, it hopes to keep its feet on the ground and build with grace. Champions of Europe who welcome the traveler to their isles of dreams. Proud and generous men who watch over laughing children. After Ares and Athena, the Greece of today vibrates to the rhythm of Dionysus. Inspiring love and good times, between the sea and the horizon. Amongst the Nymphs, the nomadic god Olympus murmurs.

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