Learn Portuguese in Portugal

Portugal overwhelms the visitor with its oceanic mood. This country's openness to the world takes its place in history, that of the explorers and pirates, and it has managed to keep visible the traces of this great heroic period. This can be seen, for example, in the communities of Africa, Angola and Cape Verde which were conquered by the white Portugal. You can sense Portugal’s ambition to rebuild its prestige within a united Europe. This small country is moving forward, inviting you to follow its rhythm.

In addition to the brightness of its capital, where memories of the Lisbon World Expo '98 are still fresh, Portugal has many other assets. Small villages, which are on the interior of the country, sacrifice nothing of their touching authenticity, and enjoy holding numerous festivals, organised by the Ministry of Culture to decompartmentalise the regions, among the olive trees. It also has one of the most beautiful coastlines on the continent, which appear to have been sculpted by the waves. The Portuguese language, whose use has spread so well across the world (there are 800 million Portuguese speakers), gives the country its soft rhythm. It is enough to order the bacalhau of the day, the national cod, or some grilled sardines which you can taste and be told the recipe by a native. A small state which invites you to take the train to visit it, Portugal is also particularly welcoming at the southern shores of the Algarve with its magnificent beaches.

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