Learn Russian in Ukraine

Revise your classics! Integrate the Ukrainian creators who express themselves in literature, painting, music and cinema! Under its rough surface, the second largest European country by size is home to a vast reservoir of talents. Often off-beat, always original, the Ukrainian artists have a vision marked by the recent history of their country.

The nation is torn between the promising West and the reassuring East, and the artistic works often reflect this. The creative genius of Boulgakov, enemy of the bureaucrats and of compromise, misunderstood during his lifetime, today exerts his influence just as much as that of Kourkov, who appeared in present-day literature at the end of the 20th century, a witness of the dawn of a new era, which is at once falling to pieces and promising. With a major event to organise - the European Football Championship in 2012, together with Poland - and the ambition to host the Olympic Games in 2018, Ukraine is mobilising its live forces in order to place itself in the foreground of the sporting world. On a cultural level, the country would have nothing else to do except exhibit the incredible wealth of its built heritage. The golden domes of the cathedrals, Turkish architecture and Byzantine mosaics evoke the history of the passages of diverse peoples in Ukraine also called "the country of borders" throughout the centuries. The Ukrainians and their penchant for good food and wines bring out an unsuspected side of this part of the world: the almost southern character of certain regions of the country and its influence on the inhabitants.

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