Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic

The dawn of the New World
Located on the Caribbean Sea, between Cuba and Porto Rico, Hispaniola is the second largest Island of the Greater Antilles. The Dominican Republic (48 730 km2) stretches over a little less than two thirds of its surface, with Haiti occupying the western part. It is here that the first cathedral, first hospital and first university of the New World were constructed...

Originally intended for abandoned livestock, many races have followed there. Spanish, French, English, buccaneers and pirates from the island of the turtle and elsewhere, Americans greedy for sugar and unscrupulous politicians. Desired by all and maltreated by many, Hispaniola proudly displays the colours of a history interwoven with torments and legends. Of its past, hitherto forgotten, the Dominican Republic retains only the blooms of the American Indian, Spanish and African influences. Deeply multicultural and full of promise in this corner of the Caribbean. Add to this plenty of sunshine, a few glasses of rum and the ever-present local music, not to mention the white sand beaches bordered with coconut trees, especially designed for a dream vacation... it is easy to understand why the Dominican Republic is set to become the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, ahead of Cuba. An island planted beneath an immense sunshine, in one of the world's most beautiful oceans. Sugar-sweet smiles and melodious voices singing music from afar. Here, everything sounds loud and travels far. The laughs and the chants, dazzling, sonorous, seeming to cover the whole Atlantic as far as the west coasts of Africa... where they find the echo that has always preceded them. Laughter is part of the lifestyle. And this laughter invites you to discover, from across the seas, that which the Portuguese captain once called "The most beautiful land that the eye can see".

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