Learn Spanish in San José - Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

Located mid-way between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, on the border between the province of Heredia and that of San José, Santo Domingo is a charming town of 50,000 inhabitants, which is reputed for its friendliness and quality of life.

In the evening, you will always find an opportunity to go out with your friends to the cafés, bars and restaurants of Santo Domingo. Unless you would prefer to take a short bus ride to meet up with Costa Rican students from the University of Heredia and join in on their discussions and parties. San José, also accessible in less than 10 minutes by bus from Santo Domingo, is the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Costa Rica. Located in the eastern part of the Central Valley (Valle Centrale), it occupies the geographical centre of the country and enjoys a temperate tropical climate. An important administrative, cultural, university and industrial centre, a crossroads on the Pan-American Highway, linked up to the Atlantic and Pacific ocenas by railway and serviced by an international airport, San José is one of the most dynamic capitals of Central America, at the heart of splendid natural surroundings.

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