Learn Thai in Thailand

“Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a moustache”, this is what the famous Buddhist monk Ajahn Chah once said. “When your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you”. It is impossible to find a better illustration of the Thai spirit. A certain receptiveness to the world, rather than a conquering spirit.

It is a kingdom, whose mouth is salty and whose palaces are gilded in gold. On the Indochinese peninsula, on each tiny stall, the King’s photo is wrapped up in the smell of the incense stick that is burning. In summary, a country of respect and tradition, but above all a country of beauty and balance. From the southern beaches of Phuket, to the hectic frenzy of Bangkok, there is a similar feeling. Nothing on earth compares to Thailand. Nobody knows its secrets. Its sophisticated Buddhism, where devotion is above all a question of perfect gestures? Maybe the antiquity of a culture, always changing, that manages to adapt to all the transformations with a smile? A language also which resembles no other and which created its own language family. You certainly should not miss out on the white sand beaches that have shaped the international reputation of Thailand. But you also travel to the northern lands, where the Khmer temples get invaded year after year by the forests that are called virgin. Only a few countries in the world mange to combine an excellence in entertainment and culture. In summary, there is something to satisfy all desires.

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