Learn Turkish in Turkey

As a result of 8000 years of civilizations and its strategic position at the crossroads between two continents, Turkey is great in culture and rich in knowledge. Vast and multiple, it unites regions which are assembled without resembling each other, often too different and too distanced from each other to spontaneously find a common denominator

From the first traces of agriculture which appeared in 7000 B.C. to the current political rapprochement with Europe, as well as the emancipation of women, Turkey has lived several lives. The current state, founded in 1923 on the ruins of the former Ottoman Empire, is a democratic, constitutional and secular parliamentary republic. Writers, artists and above all musicians contribute to the contemporary Turkish identity which intends to preserve traditional, religious and historical values whilst producing the innovations and openings coveted by the youth of the country. Although 97% of its territory is situated in Asia, 17% of the population lives on European soil. At the crossroads of the Russia – Mediterranean and Balkans – Middle East routes, on the former Silk Road, the republic truly serves as a link between East and West. Surrounded by four seas, Turkey is home to mountain massifs of which the highest dominate the Black Sea. Mount Ararat where, according to the Bible, Noah’s Ark reached land following the Flood, is the highest point of the country, at 5165 m altitude. The plains of Mesopotamia end in Irak and in Syria. The political capital, Ankara, often stays in the background in favour of radiant Istanbul, formerly Constantinople with its eventful history, which has a high concentration of cultural activities and which welcomes visitors who have come to breathe the spirit of the times in this city of fascinating evocations. Whether biblical or modern, Turkey fascinates, intrigues and seduces. Go to discover it whilst learning its resonating language !

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