Business English course in South Africa

The large cetaceans of Hermanus Bay, huge national parks, the Big Five, luxuriant flora, impenetrable savannahs, majestic forests, perfect beaches, cosmopolitan cities, Victorian facades, pyrophilic flowers, pinot noir and muscat of Alexandria…Welcome to the kingdom of diversity. Travel abroad to learn English in South Africa and offer yourself impressive holidays!

Very rich in natural resources, South Africa is also the bridgehead of the main maritime routes between three continents. With a strong economy that has been restructured well and a solid financial system, it is also the entrance into the other African markets. It is a real mine of new economic ideas for the Africa of tomorrow. Safari, hiking, horse riding, fishing, sailing, diving, rafting, golf, surfing or memorable barbecues…in South Africa, it seems impossible not to find an activity which suits you as the offer is so vast. If you add to this the fascinating Siswati, Venda, Tsonga, Xhosa and Zulu cultures, the legendary routes which lead to the best wine-growing regions of the third worldwide producer of rugby, music and dance as arts of living and gathering…At the crossing of the Oceans and of cultures, your language training in South Africa will be a marvel every day.

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