Business (Mandarin) Chinese course in China

After having stood apart from the rest of the world for more than thirty years, China has made a sensational entry into modernity. In 1973, Alain Peyrefitte said « When China awakes…the world will tremble ». Nowadays, there isn’t any doubt concerning this prediction. With a market economy, cities under construction filled with cranes and staggering skyscrapers, exports which inundate the planet, European-style fast food…China has opened itself up, appearing less and less unknown to us, less and less distant and everything could lead us to think that it resembles other countries more and more. Its energy and ambition too.

But China was not born in 1992. We speculate, we believe we know it but we too often forget its 3500 years of history…Language study stays in China are on the increase because we know with certainty that it will be necessary to count on the Middle Empire on the international economic stage. Upon your arrival in China, all preconceived ideas disappear before its past of several millenia and the incredible range of tourist and cultural attractions. Historical China fascinates you. Indomitable China hypnotises you. Taking a glance at passers-by, ultramodern China is everywhere. A language study trip to China allows you to assess all of the road travelled by one of the most ancient cradles of civilization and to discover that this country hides a treasure just as precious as its immemorial dragons, the Chinese nation. Courageous, endearing, generous, they have an unforgettable welcome in store for you. « A visitor who has come from far is a refined gift, a magnificent celebration » , the words of Confucius have never been so alive…

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