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French school in Spa

Château du Haut-Neubois (9–17)

French school in Spa

Château du Haut-Neubois (9–17)

Château du Haut-Neubois (9–17)

(02.04 - 05.04 / 29.10 - 04.11.2023)

You couldn’t ask for a better setting for your French course! With its well-known teaching methodology, our partner school occupies a traditional country house outside Spa. Students are split into the other additional two buildings based on the language they’re learning in order to guarantee total immersion and constant practice. During your French course, you will enjoy engaging and dynamic lessons as well as a plethora of fun activities under expert supervision. The school’s amazing green grounds include facilities such as well-equipped classrooms and common areas where you can relax with your new friends. In the summer, you’ll also be able to enjoy a sports area for squash, volleyball and tennis, as well as a mini-soccer playing field!

School Highlights

Château du Haut-Neubois (9–17)
French school in Spa
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Key points

  • Learn French in a stunning natural environment and discover the campus’ gorgeous greenery
  • Take your pick among a wide range of fun and interesting activities
  • Meet other students and make new international friends

School facts

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Disabled access
Free Wifi

Student nationalities

      Latin America


ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.




You will enjoy a comfy stay on campus, very near the main building. You will share a twin room with a private bathroom with another student – perfect for practising your French skills with a new friend! The school’s staff also stay on-site and offer constant supervision and support from breakfast to dinner time. Meals are all served at the residence and include hot and cold buffets for lunch and supper, allowing you to keep a balanced and varied diet during your stay.

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