Internships in Germany

“Made in Germany” has always been a label of guaranteed quality, and it is its range of brands and products that make this country one of the most powerful global economies and a pillar of the European Union. It is also one of Europe’s most important cultural centres, with a long history of great writers, philosophers and composers.

But there is no need to look back to the glories of the past to discover the essential and central role of Germany in modern times. Munich is the base for several important recording companies, including ECM and ENJA, representing the cutting edge of avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Or Berlin and its Love Parade, where thousands of people come together from all over the world to enjoy the beat of this massive techno event, which reflects the joyful and multicultural spirit that characterizes German cities today. Germany’s refreshing and open approach in domains such as architecture, design and art symbolises the outstanding creative space it provides for artists and other professionals from all over the world.

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