Language studies abroad in New Zealand

A pair of islands, first inhabited less than a millennium ago by a fortunate group of navigators known as the Maoris, perhaps New Zealand is not yet used tothe presence of humans. Everywhere, from the snowy peaks (a mecca for snowboarders in July), to the volcanic plains and the forests of prehistoric trees, this country recalls a time when nature was wild and unconquered, itself taming those who dared to plunge into it.

A late arrival on maps with an outlying position in relation to the rest of the British Empire, New Zealand was predestined to gather together those wished to escape the rest of the world. Therefore, the colonists imagined a heavenly existence there. And not only dedicated to water sports, rugby and barbecues. Faced with an incredibly benevolent environment, New Zealanders have also been able to create a progressive way of life. And to establish avant-garde social laws, like granting women the right to vote as early as 1893. The sort of characteristics that attract visitors, and New Zealand welcomes them proudly, as a link to the rest of the world. In the temperate climate and sailing seas of Auckland, you never feel a sense of isolation. A harbour city, where human contact ebbs and flows with the tides, where the inhabitants only ask to discover the country through the tales of travellers. It is a crossroads for all of Polynesia. There is no doubt that, in addition its multiple flora and fauna, New Zealand possesses a human charm that makes it irresistible.

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