Paid jobs in Germany

The German economic miracle of post-war years won the admiration of the whole of Europe, which was only just recovering from long devastating years. After the fall of the wall, the subsequent integration of the regions of the former Eastern bloc definitively confirmed Germany as a key actor of the European economic landscape. The country is now continuing its economic ascension to the top, demonstrating day after day the quality, innovation and technological advance that underlie the "Made in Germany" label.

More than in other countries, the German economy is mostly based on international trade. With one third of its gross national income generated by export sales, Germany comes second after… China. But the German economy also relies on tens of thousands of SMEs involved in the manufacturing of goods and in the tertiary sector. 10 million people work in the trade, hospitality, catering and transport industries. The financial sector employs 7 million people and constitutes an important pillar of the tertiary sector. Last but not least, this dynamic country promotes the arts and cultural industry actively: music, literature, cinema, plastic arts and performing arts are integrated into its modern economic system where know how goes hand in hand with innovation.

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