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Is it really a coincidence that one of the only beautiful stories of the 'Conquista' belongs to Panama? The story in question is that of Balboa. The secret of the Pacific was unveiled to Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa by the Indian princess and distraught love, Anayansi. On the 27th September 1513, from the top of a hill near the Gulf of San Miguel, the conquered conquistador discovered the mysterious South Sea... and the story of an entire continent began. The strategic centre of this continent was Panama.

This unique geographic location led to the construction of the Canal - the brainchild of Emperor Charles Quint, failed dream of Ferdinand de Lesseps and triumph of American pragmatism. A superhuman project, this excavated line is a bridge, symbolizing the nature of Panama itself. Land of unions and passages, Panama's destiny is to bring together. To bring together the transparency of the Caribbean and the deep blue of the vast Pacific, but also the Americas with the two majestic bridges of the Pan American Highway. A crucial geographic point and more, Panama never grows weary of uniting. Dormant volcanoes, fertile valleys, lush forests, high plateaus and dream-like beaches. Naturally protected from sea storms, the isthmus shelters fragile ecosystems: infinite shades of green, from the Emerald of the Giant Ceiba to the translucent wings of the Green Lacewing, 15,000 species of butterfly and the fabulous blue of the Blue Morpho Butterfly. Capuchin Monkeys, White-tailed Deer, Sloths, Orchids in their millions, and the most beautiful birds on the planet including the legendary Quetzal... unique natural treasure, preserved in a straight strip of serpentine land. The human treasure is just as unique. Asian businessmen from the West; Fofi, Kuna, Wounan, Emberas or Bokota Indians guarding their ancient secrets; European investors or the enchanted; fishermen and local farmers courageously guarding their fertile seas; and a hint of Africa, the passion of 'El Sonero Mayor', to breathe life into each moment of this multiracial culture. From Bocas del Toro to Darien via the Casco Viejo and Portobelo, Panama is a land of welcome, intermingling and a mixed nature. This small country with a big heart is certainly not like any other. From the extravagant world of hearty laughter to Afro-Caribbean music and the best celebrations around, there is no better place to do a language course... allow yourself to be won over!

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