Volunteer work abroad in South Africa

Thirteen years of democracy. In many respects, South Africa is a young country, under perpetual construction. And which is still looking for an identity among its colours, languages and pasts.

A colourful state that vibrates like no other on the continent, this territory of more than a million square kilometres has more to offer than its sandy coasts and immense northern grasslands.A legendary landmark for sailors, the Cape of Good Hope overlooks the meeting of two oceans. It's no coincidence, then, that on this hallowed site a city was established with a quality of life that inspires the rest of the country. Reflection of a radiant South Africa. The climate is mild, which does not exclude some scorching festive nights. And especially the chance to make contact with a population that wants to build bridges with the rest of the world. Nelson Mandela, a political prisoner for decades and then the first President of his liberated homeland, wanted to make South Africa a model, a motor for the whole of Africa. This task is now passed on to the urban youth, for whom apartheid is becoming more and more an abstraction. A generation that mixes. Platinum producers who respect their ancient Xhosa or Zulu culture. Sons and daughters of Afrikaners who learn, in the prestigious universities, that the country’s history did not begin with the arrival of a European boat. It’s also enough to leave the developed coasts to discover one of the most sublime regions in the world. The gigantic animal reserve of Kruger National Park. The vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. And a land where the glorious underground mines (South Africa produces 20% of the world’s gold) tell a lot about what’s going on above.

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