Junior English courses in Switzerland

Germany, French, Italian, Romansch...by going to Switzerland, immerse yourself in THE country of linguistic multiplicity...This small country of plural and varied faces has 4 national languages but it is open to the world...Enjoy your stay in Switzerland!

A language study stay in Switzerland means plunging into a small country situated at the heart of Europe and discovering the advantages of an impressive cultural diversity. In Switzerland, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning a new language...Apart from German, French and Italian, our partner schools in Zug, Leysin and Ascona propose courses placed under the sign of the most international of languages. Learning English in Switzerland is particularly interesting for young people from Switzerland or neighbouring France who wish to have a first experience of a language study stay not far from home. Although they take place in Switzerland, the courses are all assured by native English-speaking teachers. Whether you like the town or the mountain, welcome to Switzerland, welcome to Zug, Leysin or Ascona!

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