Junior French courses in Belgium

The country is flat but its inhabitants stand out! Belgians are often laughed at but they don’t complain about it – quite on the contrary. Their legendary self-derision allows them to laugh at themselves with as much humour as they use to describe their place in Europe. And they are right!

Belgian gastronomy cannot be reduced to its famous Mussels & Fries, the artistic offer is impressive, the music scene innovative and sport is practised with no much effort there – given that the country is flat. You will like this small nation that is a master at creation: carnivals, puppet shows, and their famous giants… everything is about celebration! Dutch is one of the three official languages spoken in Belgium, with French and German. Almost 60% of the population has the Dutch language as their mother tongue. The fourth non-official language, English is generally spoken around Brussels and Antwerp. It is therefore a rich and diverse country that welcomes you for your language study stay. Be like Tintin, the famous character created by Hergé: as an indefatigable explorer, write your own travel diary to tell the story of your language course in Belgium!

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