Junior French courses in Canada

Your language study trip in Canada promises you a magnificent adventure, with motivating French classes, exciting activities and excursions, the fascinating spectacle of whales swimming up the Saint Lawrence River and friends from the 4 corners of the planet...all of this awaits you during your language stay in Canada! Unforgettable!

What other country in the world symbolises adventure so well? From one Ocean to the other, as its motto puts it so well, Canada is an enormous territory where everything seems possible. A land of immigration, a champion of diversity, Canada is above all a magnificent country. Its beauty is effectively a key element of this immense land. A pioneer in the protection of its flora and fauna whilst respecting majestic landscapes, the country of the maple leaf offers a spectacle without equal. Winter brings about a sparkling, shimmering white nature, Autumn decorates the trees in crimson and gold, Spring transforms the vast prairies into multicoloured symphonies and Summer plays with the bottomless azure on the clear lakes. Canada is a multicoloured country. Multifaceted and multicultural too. At the heart of a preserved nature, the cosmopolitan and friendly cities tower up, which offer a serene and welcoming environment for successful language studies. On the east coast of Canada, the country's largest province is a world of its own, where nature rules supreme and where French has conserved its nobility. Québec, a world in its own right, a land of immigration par excellence where differences live side by side and happily complement each other. Montréal and Québec, the legendary ports which have always welcomed an extraordinary mosaic of people. Close to nature, Canadians are open and generous people and you will never feel alone in this extraordinary country! En route for a language holiday in Canada really unlike any other!

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