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German Summer Camps in Switzerland: German courses for children and teenagers

Learning one of Europe’s most-spoken and most influential languages is a great way to push yourself ahead and develop important life skills, and learning German in Switzerland is a fantastic way to get started! A junior German course or summer camp in Switzerland offers the opportunity to learn a new language while trying new things and exploring new cultures. ESL has been organising language camps in Switzerland since 1996, and we have the background and knowledge to help you tailor your perfect junior German course abroad.

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Why do a summer camp in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a linguist’s dream, with not one, but four official languages spoken around the country. This makes the Swiss experts in sharing and teaching different languages, and as over 60% of the population speak German as a first language, you’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in the language and learn quickly as you’re surrounded by a new, exciting culture. A German course in Switzerland will also allow you to explore beautiful, historic cities and stunning countryside, which in Switzerland are often just minutes apart. 

Where can I learn German in Switzerland?

ESL’s German summer camps and language courses are found in Engelberg, a picturesque Swiss mountain town, where you can experience beautiful weather and fresh alpine air as you study German every day and learn something new. Your classes won’t be the usual classroom experience you’re used to in school - our partner schools use dynamic, interactive methods and are keen for you to learn on-the-go, combining classes with outdoor activities and excursions – so you learn and enjoy yourself at the same time. After all, the best way to learn is while you’re having fun!