Learn Arabic in Egypt

Among all the priceless experiences you can have in Egypt, waking up in Cairo at dawn, meeting all those coming back from a long night and those going early to work, and then watching the sun rising behind the pyramids will make you feel as if you were travelling in time, passing through centuries in a moment. Next you can plunge yourself into the city’s intact Arab heritage, whose language is a model for surrounding countries, as well as a reminder of its past.

Egypt combines three historical ages: first, the Age of the Pharaohs, present around Cairo and throughout Upper Egypt’s sandy valleys, which can be visited by bus or plane; then, the Islamic Age, which perpetuates itself in its numerous mosques, its Koranic universities and its popular traditions; finally, the so-called Modern Age, where Egypt has inspired the region’s rapid development and international lifestyle. You can enjoy Cairo’s nightlife with DJ sessions on boats on the Nile, or visit art galleries where you will find everything from abstract painting to ancient Islamic calligraphy. Discover the Là Arab language that is the origin of classical Arabic. If you want to complement your language courses with the exploration of a great cultural heritage, this is your destination. Egypt invites you to enjoy its Red Sea Coast: aquatic festivities, water sports and excursions that can help you to relax and take a break from the noise of the city.

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