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The number one world superpower only decades ago, England still conserves some of the relics of its colonial past, gathered from all four corners of the Empire. The Royal family, whose ups and downs fill the pages of the tabloids, can still unite the whole nation behind the Queen, on the throne for 6 decades. There is no lamenting in the British wit, but rather self-mockery when faced with a history that resembles no other.

You must immerse yourself in the customs of another time - the tea ceremony being only the most famous example- that define English tradition. And you will gladly discover what makes this country so old. London, of course, fascinates with its excesses, its mixed communities and its taste for eccentricity. But even on the South coasts,which are more conducive to holiday-making, life moves to the beat of a different drum. England boasts an education system among the most recognised in the world, notably in the university centres of Oxford and Cambridge. Here, it is easy to meet other students to practise English with and to make the obligatory visit to the pubs. As regards English cuisine, a visit is completed by a visit to one of the many Indian or Pakistani restaurants, perhaps one of the only benefits of the Empire, found all over the island. Lovers of pop culture or classic art, horse riding or double-decker bus trips, old buildings or nightclubs… England unites opposites. That’s one way to recognise this country where even the smallest piece of land breathes independence.

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