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Between the elusive Far North and the inescapable United States, fearless Canada asserts its immensity without a hint of embarrassment. Images  rooted in our imagination, from the Indian summer immortalised in postcards to the laughter of coyotes on a background of fresh snow, the Canada of clichés has plenty of great days ahead.

Wonderful surprises await whoever takes the time to tame the wild Canada. The landscapes, from majestic mountains to mysterious plains, and from infinite oceans to tiny villages, will take you into a new dimension. In Canada, nature seems to know no limits. What is protected in nature by the Canadians has its place at the heart of the cities. For example, what would Vancouver be without the Pacific? Toronto without the Niagara Falls? Montreal without the Mont Royal? Calgary without the Rockies? Let's talk about these cities! They are characterised by American-style roads and buildings, a friendly and inviting atmosphere, shops and boutiques as far as the eye can see, an omnipresent culture, a large-scale economy, in short, real metropolises where boredom never sets in. Their strength lies in this harmony between frenetic liveliness and peaceful rhythm, between screaming modernity and omnipresent nature. Canadians know how to live and take the time...and share the passion they devote to their land of legends. Canada of the four seasons, where fine days are long and illuminate mountains and valleys for the duration of an unforgettable Indian summer, where the winter cold is eclipsed by the beauty of the landscape and the human warmth of the inhabitants… Canada of a thousand memories, where exploration is not confined to history and where the word ‘adventure’ finds new meaning at every step.

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