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France, à la baguette
As well as being one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Paris is also a place where you can sit for hours over a strong coffee and watch the world go by. Despite a reputation for hyperactivity that is faithful to the Gallic spirit, France also encourages contemplation and sensual pleasures...

For the eyes, France is a veritable treasure trove of exquisite architecture and historical sites. It also boasts an ever-changing and varied countryside that, from the regions on the Mediterranean to the plains of the North, beckons you out into the open air. On the outskirts of Nice, for example, people flock to visit the sites that inspired the painters of the early 20th century. For the taste buds...not much needs to be said on teh matter as French cuisine, which is famous throughout the world, speaks for itself. France is the country of local delicacies and age-old secret recipes passed down through generations. Bread, wine and cheese: the trinity that every family pays homage to daily. And there is no question of being content with a steak-frites… for fear of committing an act of blasphemy! Finally, the pleasure of the spirit. The French language is a source of passion for the French. From Molière to Serge Gainsbourg, French poets have always drawn from a wide range of daily French expressions which add colour and richness to phrasing. The French film industry, one of the most independent in the world, also showcases the French language in all its nuances. French people may come across as impatient at times, but prove to be great listeners who, out of love for their country, want visitors to discover all its beauties, among which the French language will always occupy an important place.

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