Business English course in Malta

A high stone vessel moored in the centre of the Big Blue, five honey-coloured rocks anchored not very far from away from Tunisia and Sicily, a proud land of fire which opens its shores to the whole world but could not belong to anyone. Inescapable and fascinating, the Maltese archipelago brings together the East, the West and superimposes its countless histories of the Greek, Roman, Norman, Spanish, Ottoman, French and British sailors who found it to be a magnificent port of call.

All were charmed…you will certainly be! Offering yourself an intensive language training stay in Malta, it’s immersing yourself completely in an English-speaking environment and, at the same time, taking advantage of the ever-present sun, the azure blue of the sea, the generous restaurants with bursting flavours and the exceptional history of this piece of salty land of persistent charm… A « Business Class » language study stay in the sun or smart holidays beside the sea ? Prodigal, Malta offers both and much more besides!

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