Business Russian course in Russia

10 000 km from Kalingrad to the Bering Strait, 3 500 km from the Severnaya islands to the Chinese border, 10 time zones… the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world and covers no less than 17 million km2, twice the size of the United States! Surface area, populations, temperatures, borders, mineral and energy resources, cities, cultures…In Russia, everything is excessive, even its ability to renew itself. Unexpected, Russia already shows the way to the great powers! During your language training in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, you will witness the impressive spectacle of its size every day.

But this country which is as vast as a continent, which dreams of itself at the crossroads between East and West, has not for all that lost its soul. This « doucha », which you will certainly hear about during your Russian classes, pernanently shows through. And in order to understand Russia, it is necessary to immerse yourself in its language, its poetry and gentle madness. Learning Russian, it’s opening the door of a world which one has never finished discovering ! If there are places where you only pass through, Russia, most certainly, is among those where you come back…Добро пожаловать!

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