Language studies abroad in Malta

A small bit of salted earth, within the line of sight of Sicily. Only a short boat journey from Tunisia. The Maltese archipelago is tiny, but cannot be missed.

Situated at the heart of things, in short, these five Mediterranean islands have served as a trading post for everything to do with sea peoples in history. The Phoenicians let down their sails there, before the Arab conquerors, the Byzantine travellers, the Ottoman warriors, the Spanish, the French and the English. Therefore, the smallest Maltese stone carry the trace of crossed histories, from the megalithic temples to the Roman baths and the impregnable fortresses. Most recently included in the enlarged Europe, Malta aims to not belong to anyone, yet it opens its shores to everyone. The English that is spoken there, a solar language, makes it a privileged place of study. The impeccable weather - rainy days are a rarety, the attractive standard of living, the quality of the facilities class this country among the places where you can stay without fear of getting bored. When the night falls, on the urban plateaus of the island of Malta, you can choose to not sleep early, but instead to track down a traditional restaurant and a dancefloor. Or to spend the afternoons doing water activities or visiting sites classed as world heritage. In the more rural foothills of Gozo, you can also attend the departure of the fishermen at dawn. There miraculous catches make Maltese cuisine a Mediterranean ideal, accompanied by traditional breads and bunches of purple tomatoes. Malta is a favourite land for those who do not wish to leave Europe but who hate the cold, for those who do now wish to choose between culture and fun, a land of fire at the centre of the middle sea,.

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