Junior English courses in Canada

Vast...with a surface area of 9 million km2, it is the second largest country in the world. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Canada abounds with a fascinating diversity. Are you ready for an adventure? A language study stay in Canada...an exceptional experience and memories for life! Hesitate no longer...go for it!

Lakes, mountains, waterfalls, maple trees, sleigh dogs, salmon, whales, bears, beavers, woodcutters, gigantic national parks...so many images which symbolise Canadian nature, a nature which is raw, wild and preserved. A land of adventures, a land of diversity, Canada is above all a magnificent country. Beauty is unquestionably a key element of this vast land. In winter, nature is covered in white and sparkles like the stars. In autumn, the trees are covered in a glowing red gold. Spring sees the meadows come into bloom in a rainbow of colours. In the summer, the clearness of the lakes and seas reflects a bottomless azure blue. Canada is definitely a multicoloured country. It is also multifaceted and multicultural. Between two pieces of raw nature, you find the Canadian cities. Vast, vertical, underground and cosmopolitan...it's good to live there. Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, all friendly and festive cities which offer a serene and welcoming environment for successful language studies. Canadian cities really have nothing to envy of their American counterparts and the Canadians themselves are fearless, open, generous and warm-hearted. They know how to listen and turn each encounter into a unique moment...you will never feel alone this giant country. During your language study stay in Canada, thanks to your language school, you will be surrounded by others in order to experience the maximum of this fantastic adventure! Motivating classes, exciting activities, new excursions, new friends from all backgrounds and memories for life...all of this awaits you during your language study stay in Canada! Have fun!

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