Junior English courses in England

England evokes innumerable images which reflect a rich history, which has undergone drastic changes and has often been at the forefront internationally. The last decades have given way to a strong artistic tendency, notably in the musical field. Since the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Brit-pop has not ceased to produce numerous talents which disperse anglophone musical culture throughout the world.

London and other English towns offer a large range of attractions and a lively nightlife in a in a multicultural environment. The rest of the country is marked by magnificent national parks and kilometres of coastline, making it a paradise for nature lovers. Country of origin of the No.1 language, England is just over an hour's flight from the continent. Despite this proximity, English culture is noted for its singularity and serves as a springboard for students from all over the world. The English language is one of the country's main sources of income and there are numerous schools, mostly situated on the south coast of the island and around the capital.

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