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Official Portuguese Exams and Certifications

Having an official certificate of Portuguese under your belt will open up new professional opportunities for you, whether in Portugal, Brazil or in the former Portuguese colonies in Africa, Angola and Mozambique.

The CELPE-Bras is required for admission into Brazilian universities and for work in certain organisations in Brazil. Abroad, the exam is a proof of achievement in Portuguese. Read below the description of the exam offered by our partner schools in Brazil : Idioma in Salvador da Bahia and Olinda School in Olinda.
CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira)
Certificate of proficiency in European Portuguese as a second language.
This exam has been developed by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. The CAPLE exam is offered in Portugal and in other 45 countries, including our partner school CIAL in Lisbon.