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Junior surfing language camps

Junior surfing language camps

Language summer camps with surfing offer the perfect mix of heart-pumping excitement and language learning for young adventurers! These camps are all about diving into the excitement of surfing while also picking up new language skills in a friendly and safe environment. It's like catching waves and new words at the same time! With interactive lessons, cultural experiences, and plenty of beach vibes, these camps give young learners a fun way to soak up language skills while picking up an exciting new hobby.

Surfing is the perfect sport to do after a long day of language classes. The rush of adrenaline, the refreshing sea water, the new friends – all of these are great ways for a young learner to make amazing new memories. Beyond just catching waves, surfing provides a unique environment where learners can naturally engage in conversations with fellow surfers, receive instructions, and interact with others at the beach. These real-life scenarios offer valuable opportunities to practice language skills in a dynamic and enjoyable context. ESL offers surfing camps for teens and children alike, simply contact our team to find out which camp is best for you.

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Which languages can you study in a surf summer camp?

Surfing is a popular sport throughout the world — all you need is a wavy sea, a board, and a great attitude, and you can get started in no time! Our surfing language camps are located across Europe, giving you a wide variety of languages for young learners to study while riding the waves. As it stands, you can choose between learning Spanish, English, and French in your surfing summer camp. 

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Where can you take a surfing summer language camp?

Embark on an unforgettable linguistic and aquatic journey with surfing summer language camps located in the picturesque destinations of Malta, France, and Spain. Nestled amidst the azure Mediterranean waters, St Paul’s Bay in Malta offers a unique setting where participants can soak up the sun while mastering English. On the wavy Atlantic coast of Spain, San Sebastien is a city that lives and breathes surfing culture, and in our camp you can learn Spanish while meeting fellow surfers on the famous Zurriola beach. In Biarritz, France, renowned for its world-class waves, surfers can ride the tides while delving into their French immersion experiences. Whether it's the historic streets of Malta, the vibrant culture of France, or the iconic shores of Spain, each destination promises an enriching and adventurous summer camp experience where language and surf enthusiasts alike can thrive.