Testimonials – EC 30+

María José Álvarez Franco
María José Álvarez Franco
EC 30+, New York
Duration: 2 weeks

New York: I spent two weeks at the EC 30+ school and the experience couldn’t have been better. The school has excellent teachers and super friendly staff that helped me at all times.

The best thing is that you meet people from all around the world. I made lots of friends who I would go out with after finishing class, which really helped improve my fluency speaking English.

The organisation and facilities at the EC school are fantastic as well as its location right in the centre of Manhattan. Regarding my host family, they were wonderful. The mother brought me to the centre of New York City on my first day, showed me around the neighbourhood where they lived and was always a great help in addition to being a great person. In fact, this year I’ll go back to the same school and stay with the same host family.

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