Learn English in Philadelphia, USA

Former capital of the United States, before Washington, Philadelphia remains one of the most beautiful historical and cultural jewels of the United States. Nicknamed the "American Cultural Exception", it opens the door to a language study trip like no other!

Situated in the north-east of the United States, in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia breathes freedom! And for good reason...this is the place where the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in 1787. Philadelphia bears the marks of a certain ascension, of a country that cannot be overlooked, as much from an economic as from a tourism point of view. Superimposed architectural styles: Georgian, federal, neoclassical...there is no shortage of splendid monuments in the city and they remind you of the expansion of a colony which has become an international benchmark. There is also an extraordinary vitality which gives this city its modernism and dynamism. With districts of great diversity, world cuisines, parades, festivals, large shopping centres... The second largest city of the East coast of the United States, it appeals to the visitor for its cultural and historical richness but also for its charm and warmth which make it lively and authentic.

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