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There is not another country in the world that we think we know so well, even if we have never set foot on it. And not a democracy in the world that is as capable as the USA of exploding all preconceptions from your first encounter. From California to the state of New York, from Florida to Hawaii, American reality always goes beyond expectations.

A land of extremes where traditions are born at every moment, where the rugged beauty of the open spaces is juxtaposed with the power of the Babylonian cities, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the Blues, offering a constant challenge to those who want to sum it up in three or four phrases. For a little over two centuries, the United States has built itself on the millions of dreams that traverse it. A country of stateless people, of successive waves of immigration, of cultures from everywhere that come together for a collective purpose, America today still owes a lot to its original utopian vision. That of freedom, of conquered frontiers and a united community. And yet, between the lofts of Manhattan, where tomorrow’s music is conceived, and the interminable beaches of the west coast, the United States is best enjoyed in its entirety. Whatever you are looking for, be it absolute repose or frenetic action, you are sure to find it. There are many roads to travel. Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles, the Everglades of Florida, the bitumen hills of San Francisco. Unimaginable to leave this part of the world unchanged.

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