Learn German in Cologne, Germany

A particular emotion captures the visitor in Cologne.  The city impresses because it is the oldest city in Germany, founded in the year 50 A.D. But it also manages so well to capture the spirit of the times that the historical references in this very convivial city become the unchanging decor with a unique atmosphere in Germany.

The architectural masterpieces, the widely represented arts and the calming presence of the Rhine install a climate of well-being, reinforced by the constant joviality of the inhabitants of Cologne. The inhabitants of this region of Germany are known for being welcoming and bon vivant. The capital of the Land of North Rhine Westphalia confirms this reality and will manage to move you. Here, everything is more welcoming, more relaxed and much more southern in atmosphere than the image that we commonly carry of the Germans. The breweries of the old town are delicious places where "Kölsch" reunites people of all ages in the same good humour. The culminating point of the joie de vivre of Cologne is reached every year during the famous Carnival, of the biggest in the country. The wild days begin on 11th November at 11:11 a.m. and reach their height between the Thursday and the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The 50,000 students of one of the oldest university cities in Germany animate the city every day. The gothic 15th century cathedral, the most visited monument in Germany, is part of UNESCO World Heritage and will dazzle you too. You are going to love Cologne, a cosmopolitan city which combines marvellously well its joie de vivre and its incomparable natural setting.

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