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Nataliia Iudina
Nataliia Iudina
International House, Bogotá 
Duration: 3 weeks

I arrived in Bogotá 3 weeks ago and I love this city, is very different from Russia, really interesting, with many wonderful places, natural locations and unique environments. The accent is a bit different, but it helped me to clarify some doubts that I had in Spanish. Besides, it’s always interesting to live different experiences, considering that Spanish is the third language in the world and it varies from one country to another… it’s pretty interesting to find new things, learn and improve. I made a lot of friends at the school, which I think is a very important aspect for people traveling alone, since you can make friends from all over the world and take advantage to practice your Spanish. Obviously, I would recommend International House in Bogotá. It was a very interesting experience, like being on holidays… it’s better when you can combine your holidays with language learning and improve your Spanish.

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