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Taking a Chinese course in Singapore will give you the chance to explore a buzzing urban maze while enjoying the high quality of life, safety and cleanliness that has come to characterize the city. Singapore can offer you a world of shopping, food, nightlife and amenities right on your doorstep. Despite its density, you won't find it hard to see green spaces, as the city is often nicknamed “the garden city” because of its many parks and gardens. 

With its hugely multicultural environment, visitors to Singapore will get a glimpse of cultures from all across Asia in the small international “enclaves'' which are sprinkled across the city. During your time in Singapore, you will explore this fascinating mix of cultures while practising one of the main languages of the country: Chinese ( Mandarin) in a pleasant, fun environment. Learn Chinese in Singapore and explore this metropolis for yourself! 

Learn Chinese in Singapore
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Chinese (Mandarin) schools in Singapore

Singapore is often considered to be one of the most ideal cities in the world to study abroad, and it’s not hard to see why! Singapore hosts several world class universities and schools ready to welcome international students. There are also multiple green spaces to study in the sun amongst your new friends. During class, you can expect to study in small, intimate classrooms amongst classmates from all over the world. Overall, studying Chinese in Singapore will see you developing your language skills in a friendly environment in complete immersion. 

Why study Chinese (Mandarin) in Singapore?

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City life
  • Get lost in the vibrant urban jungle of Singapore and experience its unique mix of cultures in the colourful Muslim quarter of Kaplong Glam, Chinatown and Little India.
  • Take a break from the intensity of the city in one of the several green spaces across Singapore. Some of the most magnificent of these are the National Orchid Garden, The Gardens by the Bay, and the Jurong Lake Gardens.
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  • Singapore’s unique city planning and architecture have seen it host some incredible sights to check off your bucket list. See the unique Cloud Forest monument, Supertree Grove exhibit and tallest indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi airport for an unbeatable travel experience. 
  • In Singapore, the beauty doesn’t stop at the city limits. There are several gorgeous tropical islands off the coast of the city for those looking for a seaside break. Check out Sentosa, St John’s and Kusu Islands for a sunny weekend next to the sea.
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  • Singapore is a shopaholic's dream! As the city hosts many large malls and bustling high streets. Make sure to also go restaurant hopping across the city to taste its various cuisines.  
  • For adrenaline-seeking students: Singapore is the haven you’re looking for. Get your heart pumping by bungee jumping, ziplining and wakeboarding across the city and its surrounding area.

Popular questions about studying Chinese in Singapore:

How much does it cost to live and study in Singapore?

Eating out in Singapore can be as cheap or as expensive as you prefer, with a bowl of mixed rice from a street vendor going for as little as $2.50. For a 10km trip by bus or train, you can expect to pay as little as $1.50, and there are free shuttle buses to certain malls and stores on weekends. Get a quote on our language courses in Singapore here.  

What type of Chinese (Mandarin) courses can I study in Singapore?

We offer a variety of classes for students to improve their Chinese skills, from standard group classes for the general learner to more intensive classes or one-on-one lessons for students wishing to progress at a faster pace. 

What are the benefits of studying Chinese (Mandarin) in Singapore?

  • From its clean, safe streets to its fun and inviting melting pot cultures – Singapore provides the perfect environment for international students to thrive.
  • Due to the mix of Chinese (Mandarin) and English as the city's two official languages, students will be able to have an immersive experience while also not being entirely dependent on their new language. 

Do you have further questions about studying Chinese in Singapore? 

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