Learn English in Salina Bay

Learning English in Salina Bay is a popular choice for our sun-seeking learners looking to go on a new Mediterranean adventure! Malta is perfect if you want to develop your English skills while also being surrounded by crystal-clear waters and basking in daily sunshine while on an English course in Salina Bay. As you study English in Salina Bay, you’ll make lifelong friends, speak English to locals, and learn about one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean!

Learn English in Salina Bay
Salina Bay
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English schools in Salina Bay

On an English course in Salina Bay, you’ll be thrust into the Maltese way of life, spending days on the beach and exploring local history, from salt flats to ancient churches! Our partner schools will ensure that you learn English in Salina Bay to a high standard, immersing you in the language in dynamic, active lessons. Our partner language schools are situated just a short drive from sights such as the Mediterraneo Marine Park and Salina Nature Reserve, so you’ll find no end of attractions as you study English abroad in Malta!

Why study English in Salina Bay?

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City life
  • This charming seaside town is just a short hop from the larger St. Paul’s Bay, meaning that as you study English in Salina Bay you’ll enjoy both a relaxed destination and local attractions - contact us for more information about living in Salina Bay.
  • Make sure to visit the Salina Catacombs to explore what life was like in Malta centuries ago, or head to Mellieha Bay to sunbathe on the sand as you take a break from studying English abroad.
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  • Salina Bay occupies a great location on the northern shores of Malta, close to regions such as bustling St. Julian’s Bay and Sliema.
  • On an English course in Salina Bay, you’ll be able to explore the whole of this beautiful island - take the local ferry to quiet Gozo island for an idyllic escape, or admire the beauty of Golden Bay.
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  • Just the other side of the bay from St. Paul’s Bay, an English course in Salina Bay means you’ll have the opportunity to take boat tours of the local coastline or try diving lessons!
  • This part of Malta is filled with hiking and biking trails for you to explore while learning English abroad - the perfect way to explore hidden spots on the island.

Popular questions about studying English in Salina Bay:

How much does it cost to live and study in Salina Bay?

Outside of the capital city of Valletta, the cost of living in Malta while learning English abroad is low. Living in the town, life is affordable thanks to local markets where you can find fresh produce, while if you want to experience life in nearby Sliema or Valletta, a bus trip is just 1.50 EUR in the winter and 2 EUR in the summer. Reach out to us for a free quote for your time spent studying English in Salina Bay!


What are the benefits of studying English in Salina Bay?

  • This sunny, quiet area of Malta attracts fewer tourists than other areas, meaning you’ll be surrounded by locals and get to understand more of Malta’s history and culture on an English course in Salina Bay
  • The open-minded, seaside atmosphere means you’ll learn English in Salina Bay quickly as you explore nearby attractions, and professionals will find job opportunities in nearby Sliema and Valletta

What type of English courses can I study in Salina Bay?

ESL offers a wide range of choice for studying English abroad in Salina Bay, both on courses and on English summer camps. On your language course abroad at one of our partner schools, you’ll tailor your course to your level, be it a beginner or advanced level, and decide on the number of weeks you want to study abroad - so you’ll find the right English course in Salina Bay for you!

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