Learn French in Ferrières

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Don’t miss your chance to learn French in Ferrières, a perfect little town in the unique region of Wallonia. In this diverse region, you’ll meet plenty of other French-speakers while studying French in Ferrières, getting to grips with the local accent and learning more about local customs! If you’re looking for a language study holiday filled with nature, activities, and charming villages, then a French course in Ferrières is for you!

Learn French in Ferrières
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French schools in Ferrières

While learning French in Ferrières you’ll meet plenty of other learners, and fill your days exploring the local nature trails and ruined castles. You’ll study French in Ferrières at one of our fantastic local partner schools, and have the chance to practice your French as you explore this beautiful Belgian region. Whether you want to climb the ruins of the Château de Logne or try water sports on the rivers in the Ardennes, a French course in Ferrières will be an unforgettable experience! 

Why study French in Ferrières?

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Country life
  • Ferrières is a charming region of Belgium, where you’ll immerse yourself in local life as you explore activities at the Domaine de Palogne or see unique museums like Musée du Jouet et de l'Enfant
  • While you study French in Ferrières, you can experience local traditions in villages like My or Vieuxville, and try local delicacies like Belgian chocolate and the Ardennes ham - contact us for more information about living in Ferrières
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  • A French course in Ferrières is the ideal way to experience a different side to Belgium, as you explore local towns like historic Liège or the thermal waters at Spa
  • If you’d like to soak up nature as you study French abroad, the Ardennes is the perfect location - this picture-perfect region is filled with ruined castles and rivers!
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  • Naturally, a French course in Ferrières will let you experience plenty of outdoor activities, from horse riding in the forests to kayaking along the rivers
  • In the winter, the Ardennes turns into a winter-sports destination, where you can even try skiing

Popular questions about studying French in Ferrières:

How much does it cost to live and study in Ferrières?

Life in Ferrières is bound to be affordable, as you live in small, regional towns and shop with locals. A meal out in the local town might cost around 15 EUR, while coffee is unlikely to be more than 3 EUR. Our French courses in Ferrières start from 1580 EUR per week, and you can always reach out to ESL for a free quote for your time spent learning French abroad in Ferrières.

What are the benefits of studying Dutch in Ferrières?

  • On a Dutch course in Ferrières, you’ll experience a different side to Belgium, taking in quaint villages and discovering what life is really like for locals
  • Learning Dutch in Ferrières is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a memorable language study holiday, and there are plenty of activities in the region for you to try

What type of French courses can I study in Ferrières?

ESL offers a wide range of French courses in Ferrières for you to choose from! Whether you want to learn French abroad as a hobby or take advanced lessons for work, we can help you choose the right language course abroad. Some of our courses include:

  • Summer schools for 9-17-year-olds
  • French plus activity programmes including golf and tennis

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