Learn Italian in Catania

Brimming with history, home of fascinating culture, buzzing with incredible nightlife, and enough local charm for you to enjoy an authentic slice of Sicily — where else would you want to learn Italian? With some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean practically at your doorstep, and tonnes of historic sites to relive your mythological Greek and Roman fantasies — you’ll always find something to do in Catania! 

By studying in Catania, students can practise Italian in daily interactions, enjoy the city's bustling markets, and explore historical landmarks like Mount Etna and the ancient Roman amphitheatre. The warm Mediterranean climate and friendly locals make it an ideal setting to enhance language skills while experiencing authentic Italian life.

Learn Italian in Catania
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Italian schools in Catania

Our Italian schools in Catania are handpicked to ensure the utmost quality and the perfect location to explore the city — but your learning won’t stop at the classroom! Spend your days after class haggling for fresh produce with locals, or dancing the night away and ordering an incredible pizza on your way home in perfect Italian. Studying Italian in Catania is the perfect way for you to not just learn the language, but live and breathe it like a local!

Why study Italian in Catania?

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City Life
  • Indulge in amazing fresh Sicilian seafood and practise your Italian in ‘A Piscarìa — the daily fish market, where you can find an explosion of noise, colour, and some of the best restaurants in the city
  • Take advantage of the warm Mediterranean days by strolling through Catania’s multiple botanical gardens 
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  • Catania is home to a wealth of museums for you to explore, ranging from art and history to puppets and astrophysics 

  • The crystal-clear waters of the Cyclops Coast make the perfect site for water activities such as diving and kayaking
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  • As a city between a volcano and the sea, you have your choice of natural wonder, from the mythical Mount Etna to the picture-perfect beaches

  • Visit the largest Roman amphitheatres theatres of Sicily in the nearby regions of Taormina and Syracuse

Popular questions about studying Italian in Catania

How much does it cost to live and study in Catania?

Traditionally, the South of Italy is much cheaper than the rest of the country and Europe in general! Fortunately, Catania is no different. You can expect to pay around 12 euros for a meal in a local restaurant and just 1.50 euros for a single trip on public transport. We also offer a wide variety of courses to suit all budgets, just contact us to find the one that suits yours!

What type of Italian courses can I study in Catania?

Our partner schools in Catania offer a wide variety of courses to improve your Italian, no matter your goals. What’s more, given the city’s beautiful surroundings and fascinating culture, you can also combine your course with a choice of fun activities. Here is an example of what Italian courses you can study in Catania: 

  • General group Italian course
  • Courses for 30+ 
  • Italian plus cooking 
  • Italian plus wine-tasting
  • Italian plus hiking
  • Italian plus explore the city

What are the benefits of studying Italian in Catania?

  • Real-Life Practice: Studying Italian in Catania helps you use the language daily. You can talk with locals at markets, visit historical places, and enjoy the city's lively atmosphere. This makes learning more effective and fun.
  • True Italian Experience: Catania offers a real taste of Italian life with its warm weather, tasty food, and rich traditions. Living and learning here helps you understand and love the culture while improving your Italian skills.

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