Learn Italian in Naples

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Millions of travellers visit Italy each year to experience the amazing food, gorgeous weather, fascinating history, and beautiful language and there is no better way of experiencing all of this than an Italian course in Naples! Learn Italian in Naples and watch the language come to life in a vibrant, authentic environment.

Learn Italian in Naples
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Italian schools in Naples

Learning Italian in Naples presents a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a truly authentic Italian environment – with all the history, culture and food that you’ve come to expect from this gorgeous country! Our partner schools offer a range of courses to cater to different students and have generous activity programmes for students to experience the true Napoli!

Why study Italian in Naples?

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City life
  • Naples is the home of affordable and proudly authentic Italian pizza. Living in Naples means redefining what you know about Italian food, every time you stop at a local place for lunch!
  • There is a popular Italian saying: “if Rome is the heart of Italy, Naples is the soul”. When you stroll down its buzzing streets, using your Italian to haggle at local markets with the smell of home-cooked food wafting in the air – you’ll see why!
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  • For history enthusiasts: the ancient city of Pompeii, frozen in time by a catastrophic volcanic eruption, is just a short drive from the city.
  • One of Naples' most prominent features is its stunning blue coastline, and if you take a short boat ride from the city, you can visit the sleepy island of Capri and get a more intimate look at the natural beauty of the region.
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  • Naples hosts some of the best and most authentic Italian food spots in the world. This is your chance to let loose your inner foodie and take a culinary tour around some of its hottest locations.
  • As a focal point of Italian culture, Naples hosts some incredible art and history. Make sure to check out the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte to take a trip back in time or the La Madre art museum to see the city's artistic inspirations.

Popular Questions about Studying English in Naples

How much does it cost to live and study in Naples?

The cost of living in Naples is relatively low compared to other Italian cities, and you can expect to spend between 600 - 700 euros per month (not including your accommodation expenses). However, this number can change depending on your lifestyle, so always take into account how you intend to spend when budgeting for yourself.

What type of Italian courses can I study in Naples?

Naples is a popular destination for students to both visit and learn Italian, as such there is a huge range of courses offered by our Italian schools in Naples, including:

  • General classes from A1 to C+ (with intensive and semi-intensive options available)
  • Private one-to-one courses
  • Business Italian courses
  • Courses plus combined with additional activities (including cooking and gastronomy & wine)

What are the benefits of studying Italian in Naples?

  • Naples is a city of authentic Italian spirit, which means you may find yourself in more situations that require you to exclusively use Italian – making it the ideal city for immersion.
  • When you study Italian in Naples, you not only get to experience the rich Italian culture, but you can also get a feel of the unique Neapolitan way of life!

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