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Aside from its iconic waterfront and the fact that it birthed The Beatles, there are plenty of reasons why Liverpool is a fantastic destination to work and study in the UK. The city is considered one of the friendliest places in Great Britain, which makes it easy for international students to meet locals and practise their English with native speakers on a daily basis. With endless football, music and cultural events, as well as a booming business scene, Liverpool is undoubtedly a hub for student jobs.

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Why choose Liverpool as your gap year destination?


By choosing Liverpool as your destination to learn English in, you will:

  • Achieve your language goals by enrolling in a tailor-made course that will guarantee progress at a fast pace
  • Enjoy boundless opportunities to practise your English by taking advantage of our Job Club service and working alongside locals
  • Learn about the UK’s rich past and its relationship with the rest of the world due to Liverpool’s status as one of the country’s main ports
  • Dive into British culture through Liverpool’s wide range of museums, sport events and beautiful architecture
  • Have endless fun discovering the fantastic local sense of humour and amazing nightlife and restaurant scene  

Can I work and study in Liverpool?


There is no job shortage in the UK, a situation that benefits students largely. Combining your language course with a paid job is an ideal way to practise your English while gaining invaluable work experience. Through our Job Club service, you will receive assistance on how to best look for work in the UK, how to prepare a successful CV and what you need to know about UK labour laws.

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