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The Irish capital is one of the fastest-growing European metropolis, attracting students and young professionals by the thousands. The reasons for this are simple – Dublin offers the very best of traditional Irish charm in terms of culture, music and architecture, while also providing a profoundly modern and cosmopolitan feel, mainly fueled by the high number of international companies that have set up headquarters there. These companies, along with the different sectors that serve the large amount of visitors Dublin attracts, offer endless job opportunities, which is why the city has become the best destination to work and study in Ireland. 

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Why choose Dublin as your gap year destination?


A long-term stay in Dublin will:

  • Ensure you rapidly reach your language goals by enrolling in a dynamic language course designed to keep long-term students motivated
  • Allow you to practise your English as often as you want, both in and out of the classroom – aside from its vast international student community, you’ll find locals warm and welcoming
  • Help you build your CV by taking advantage of our Job Club programme and using your English language skills in a working environment
  • Lead you to develop all sorts of soft and hard skills while you learn to adapt to a new culture, interact with people from all over the world and immerse yourself in a different work culture
  • Make you fall in love with the wonders of the Emerald Isle, which you will find easy to explore with Dublin as your base

Can I work and study in Dublin during my gap year?


Job opportunities in Dublin come in large numbers and in many forms. This is why both Irish and international students find it easy to find part or even full-time positions that can be combined with their courses. If you join our Job club programme, you will be assisted on how to best search for a job in Dublin, how to create a good CV and where you stand in terms of labour legislation – a support service that will guarantee you make the most of working and studying in Ireland.

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