Junior French courses

A language of poetry that charms any foreigner, French is a very fashionable language that is indispensable in France but also in Europe. French lessons at school aren’t enough for you? You wish to immerse yourself in a French-speaking universe and eat croissants for breakfast? Then head for French-speaking Switzerland or France for the amount of time you desire. Specific courses of French lessons for 8-14 year olds or 13-17 year olds await you in Leysin, Montreux or in Valbonne s/ Cannes. French is easier to learn when you’re on site, better still when you practise each day in class as well as at home. This is why staying with a host family is recommended. Whatever your language level, the French lessons given by our schools in Switzerland and France are tailor-made so that each student can learn as effectively as possible.

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