Testimonials: EC, Auckland

Jorge Rubio
Jorge Rubio
EC, Auckland
Duration: 8 weeks

I was certain of one thing: if I ever got the opportunity to study English abroad, I would do it. Today, it is extremely important to be able to speak English. The best way to learn a language or improve your language skills is to go to a country where it is spoken. I also knew I would do it outside of Europe, that is, either in the USA or in Canada. But a few hours in the ESL office in Madrid were enough to make me change my mind and I finally chose New Zealand. Auckland is a huge city. The centre is very dense but there are many areas with single-storey houses, which, as the whole, give an impression of great space. As regards the EC School, I can only speak of it in glowing terms. The teaching staff is great. During my stay, I was the only Spanish student at the school. As regards accommodation, I chose to stay with a host family. It was really nice. My hosts were very friendly and welcoming towards me. I recommend this experience to anyone, whatever their age. And of course, I would like to thank ESL for its excellent services, especially Juan, who convinced me to choose this destination.

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