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"New York, New York"... the song may be old, but the chorus is still catchy! City of superlatives, adventures and the city that never sleeps, it's impossible to take an English course in New York and not succumb to its cosmopolitan charms!

You'll need a couple hours to get used to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, but after that it will fill you with its unique energy: visit museums, go to concerts, meet all sorts of people, climb the Statue of Liberty and go shopping on Fifth Avenue. It's all possible in New York and it's all right at your fingertips! Take advantage of your stay to dive into the lifestyle of New Yorkers, each with their own story. New York is its own little world, a melting pot of cultures that you'll never forget.

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    What makes our partner school in New York a great place to study? It’s the perfect location within the...

    From 606 EUR
    645 USD for 1 week
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    Located on the 11th floor of the iconic, 33-storey Paramount Building, in the heart of Times Square, our...

    From 564 EUR
    600 USD for 1 week
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    Brooklyn is located just over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, with its neo-gothic towers, from Manhattan....

    From 470 EUR
    500 USD for 1 week
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    In the heart of Times Square, on the 11th floor of the famous Paramount Building, you’ll learn English...

    From 564 EUR
    600 USD for 1 week
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    Right next to the Empire State Building, our partner school welcomes you on the 7th floor of a modern...

    From 551 EUR
    586 USD for 1 week
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    A 30-minute train ride from Manhattan, the school is located in the lovely area of Bronxville, on the...

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    From 515 EUR
    548 USD for 1 week

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