Testimonials: Akademie Zeitgeist - International House, Freiburg

David Verdan
David Verdan
Akademie Zeitgeist, Freiburg
Duration: 6 weeks

I was slightly apprehensive about my language study stay as I was obliged to travel abroad for my studies. At the start, it wasn't easy, but after a small amount of time, I felt like at home, and currently, I even prefer Freiburg to my city which is Lausanne! The classes are very good, I made many friends and I saw and did very interesting things, things that I didn't do at home. There are many activities and exciting things to do which allowed me to speak a lot and practise my speaking in a friendly and festive atmosphere. I really like the school, the teachers and this familial atmosphere which prevails there. My stay in Freiburg not only improved my langauge skills, but also prompted me to take a sabbatical year following my studies and to travel abroad to work and learn languages.

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