Testimonials: Horizonte, Regensburg

Elodie Oulevey
Elodie Oulevey
Horizonte, Regensburg
Duration: 12 weeks

Regensburg is a small town where you quickly feel at home; the school is also small and very friendly, with a family atmosphere. There is a good nationality mix and very few French-speaking people. The teachers as well as the director are very friendly and accessible. I was surprised to see that they knew the names of all of the students, even if they hadn’t had direct contact with them. The lessons were very interesting and varied. What’s more, as I was there off-season, there were usually no more than 5 students per class, which gave us many opportunities to speak German and improve our skills.

I was staying at the school residence, which I am really happy about since it is located on the same floor as the school (on the 4th floor of a building). All of the rooms (singles and doubles) have a private bathroom and the kitchen is shared with around 20 other students. This accommodation option is perfect to build ties from the first day onwards, cook together and discover food from all over the world. Its central location in the heart of the town centre allows you to enjoy the diverse cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. The school also offers very varied activities almost every day as well as excursions on Saturdays. Regensburg is located 2 hours away from Munich and around 3 hours away from Vienna and Prague, which gives you the opportunity to do some travelling, especially with the "Bayern-Tickets", which allow you to travel by train with several of your friends at very advantageous prices!
It was a great experience and I even start to like German. Now I would like to go back there as soon as possible!

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