Language studies abroad : Gap Year

Communicating in the language of the country where you are residing constitutes the key element of the Gap Experience programmes. This first section represents the main asset of your stay abroad. It's also the link which will allow you to continue on to the other programmes presented in the following sections (work experience placements, volunteer work, jobs). Their success lies in the command of the language of the country.

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Trimester, semester or academic year
Our partner schools offer an ideal learning environment which allows you to acquire solid language skills in the best conditions, including small classes of various nationalities with the same language level. The students are placed at the level corresponding to their existing knowledge thanks to an evaluation test which takes place on the first day. Afterwards, and as the participants' knowledge increases, a progression to a higher level allows you to continue to study in a motivating environment. The teachers all have degrees for teaching their language to international students. They use modern methods based on communication. Grammar is not approached as an aim in itself but rather as a means of communicating ideas, to produce meaning. In parallel, the fact of living in daily language immersion and having enough time at your disposal offers the opportunity to become acclimatised, to start by refreshing your existing knowledge, to develop it, to take in the information and to put it into practice. The learning of a language, in context, is integrated in an active and natural way, step by step. The process accelerates as you acquire knowledge day by day, throughout the duration of your stay, and use it as part of your real life.

When you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to language studies during a trimester or longer, it is ideal to finish the course with an official internationally recognised certificate as a bonus. The content of the course remains general. The courses are therefore the same as the standard or intensive courses except that they are more specifically targeted at acquiring the skills to be in the best conditions the day of the exam. In addition, contrary to general courses, the exam preparation courses bring together all of the students who have a common aim. This adds extra scope to the course and offers a quality environment so you have every chance on your side. The  official certificates allow you to put yourself in a position to continue your studies on-site (career training). Additionally, they are essential nowadays on a CV. They represent a reference for companies, organisations and employers throughout the world. They are a significant professional asset. The exams take place on fixed dates throughout the year. The preparation courses generally start three months prior to the exam. To end with a flourish, it is therefore recommended to plan the starting and ending dates of your stay according to the exam sessions.
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