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Language studies in Australia : Gap Year

The land down under is full of gorgeous beaches for surfing, hip cities with exciting local live music scenes, red rocks jutting out of rugged aboriginal landscapes, and, of course, countless opportunities for adventurous travellers interested in gap year English immersion programs in Australia.

A gap year language program in Australia could include anything from an intensive English course in Gold Coast where your afternoons are spent learning to surf, to a student job at one of Brisbane’s or Sydney’s ultra-cool coffee shops, a dynamic course to prepare you for a Cambridge exam, or even a vocational training course in business or health and beauty to extend your stay! By living among Australia’s famously friendly locals and staying in one of these amazing student meccas, you’ll not only improve your English, but also start to feel undeniably Australian.

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Gap years in Australia

Vast, red rock landscapes, miles of crystal clear coastlines and buzzing modern metropolises – Australia is filled with a stark contrast of natural and human-made beauty.

During your English gap year in Australia, you can spend your time exploring the vast multicultural cities, and interact with plenty of friendly locals and international visitors alike, while taking road trips across the gorgeous countryside!


Cost of living for your gap year in Australia

During your gap year in Australia, you will most likely live in one of its many cities as opposed to a smaller town. Australia hosts a huge variety of cities, each with its own range of neighbourhoods, leisure facilities, and transport options. Because of this, your cost of living can vary hugely depending on where you choose to study. The cost of living in Australia can vary between 1200 AUD and 2000 AUD, including rent. The number also depends on the lifestyle you choose – there are plenty of opportunities to save and to spend in Australia.


What makes Australia special for a gap year

What’s special about Australia? Maybe it’s the thriving aquatic ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef, the vast, untamed wilderness of the Outback, or even the luscious rainforests and the tranquil billabongs of Queensland? Australia is world-famous for its natural beauty. If you want to see a diverse range of flora and fauna, Australia is the perfect place for you.

Taking a gap year in Australia means taking road trips across vast beautiful landscapes and spending time in modern, multicultural cities.


Cultural life in Australia

Australia originated as a colony of the UK, and as such, a lot of aspects of Australian culture (e.g. sports, food and music) But as time has passed, Australia has developed its own unique and diverse culture.

Perhaps because of its incredible weather, the culture has developed around a population of laid-back outdoor lovers. During your gap year in Australia, you can expect to spend a lot of time playing outdoor sports and relaxing in the sun with your new local friends.

A core pillar of Australian society is “mateship” (“mate” being Australian slang for a friend). In Australia, you can rely on your friends, and you will be surprised at how friendly the locals can be and how quickly you’ll make friends!

Are you ready to make some mates in Australia?


The weather in Australia

Australia is gifted with a variety of climates that have left it the natural gem it is today. In the North and East of the country – you’ll find tropical and subtropical weather, which provides scorching beach weather and luscious rainforests. In the centre of the country,you’ll find a vast desert, known as “the outback”. In the South of the country, the weather is temperate and not unlike the Mediterranean. During your gap year in Australia, you’ll get a little bit of everything!

Frequently asked questions about taking a a Gap Year in Australia

What can I do in Australia during a Gap Year?

With its pleasant and varied climate, the best things you can do during your English gap year in Australia are outside! You can spend your time after school doing watersports and outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, cricket, volleyball, hiking, or just enjoying one of many gorgeous days in the sun!

For students who prefer a more urban atmosphere, Australia’s cities are some of the most developed and multicultural in the world – so you can find plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to shops to spend your time. For sightseeing, you have plenty of treasures to choose from, depending on where you choose to stay – ranging from the iconic Sydney opera house to the natural treasures of the Great Barrier reef.

Can I work during my Gap Year in Australia?

Depending on your visa, you will be able to work during your English gap year in Australia. For holders of the student visa, you can work up to 40 hours every two weeks. If you have opted for a working holiday visa, you can work for six months with no hour limit, as long as it’s with the same employer.

Please note that this is subject to change based on regulations at the time of travel. Contact us to get the most up-to-date information for your gap year in Australia.

Do I need a Visa to take a Gap Year in Australia?

Yes – EU students will need to apply for either a Student Visa or a Working Holiday Visa during their gap year in Australia. But don’t worry! Our team will help you every step of the way.

For non-EU students, please contact us for more information.