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Language studies in Canada : Gap Year

There’s no better word to describe Canada than “breathtaking”. Witness the wonders of this incredible country as a student during one of our gap year immersion programs in Canada. The welcoming locals will open their doors to you and have you feeling like one of their own in no time!

International students love coming to Canada for its chic cities and unparalleled natural landscapes. You can study English or French in Montreal, take a course in Vancouver, the pearl of the Pacific, or in modern Toronto or Whistler, where you can spend your afternoons on the slopes. Our gap year language programs in Canada also offer plenty of internship options if you’re looking to gain your first work experience in an international environment, and you can even combine your studies with the totally unique experience of volunteering on a Canadian ranch. What could be a better setting for a gap year you’ll never forget?

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Gap years in Canada

With its vast landscape, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean – Canada has all the space you could possibly explore during your English gap year. This expanse is filled with the natural beauty of snow-tipped peaks, luscious forests and sparkling lakes alongside the urban glamour of large multicultural cities.

During your gap year in Canada, you’ll be able to meet its famously friendly population and practise your English with your new local friends during road trips to the most gorgeous nature you’ve ever seen!


Cost of living for your gap year in Canada

Canada has a huge variety of cities. Ranging from the vibrant, multicultural metropolis of Toronto to the sleepy alpine paradise of Whistler. As such, your cost of living will largely depend on your place of residence. However, the average in the country is around 800 CAD, excluding accommodation. Remember, this number can increase or decrease depending on your own lifestyle and choices!


What makes Canada special for a gap year

Did you know that Canada has the longest stretch of coastline in the world? Or that it contains more fresh water (from ice, lakes, and rivers) than any other country? How about the fact that 6 Canadian cities have over 1 million inhabitants? All of this adds up to a mix of rich urban culture and gorgeous natural beauty making Canada special for your gap year, no matter what your hobbies are.

Canada can offer you a truly unique experience, with the exciting sights and sounds of the city during your daily life and the expanse of nature you can explore during your weekends off.

During your English gap year in Canada, you’ll be able to take road trips into the vast wilderness across the country’s 48 national parks after enjoying the multicultural cuisine and constant entertainment of its metropolitan cities.


Cultural life in Canada

Canada features a culture that is world-famous for its polite friendliness. You’ll find that upon exploring Canadian cities, people are both welcoming and pleasant to visitors, so when you’re looking for locals to practise your English with, you won't have to look too far in Canada!

Canada has been a popular destination for tourists and ex-pats alike. As such, you’ll find a rich tapestry of cultures in most Canadian cities, alongside a population that welcomes with open arms.


The weather in Canada

While you may consider the weather in Canada to be exclusively cold – the reality is actually a tad more complicated. Canada is a huge country that spans two separate oceans – as such, the climate can change dramatically between cities and regions. The majority of the large cities in Canada are on the borders of the country, where all four seasons are pronounced across the year. In the interior provinces, you can expect a much colder climate all year round.

Frequently asked questions about taking a a Gap Year in Canada

What can I do in Canada during a Gap Year?

Canada is home to plenty of natural treasures, including the striking beauty of Niagara Falls, the mystical green glow of the Northern Lights, and the sparkling waters of Moraine Lake. If you’re looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, your gap year in Canada will deliver!

Can I work during my Gap Year in Canada?

If you’re looking to work during your gap year in Canada, you will need to apply for a Study Permit and an internship or work programme through your school (our team will be able to assist you with this). Students will not be able to work with an ETA.

Do I need a Visa to take a Gap Year in Canada?

EU students will be able to spend six months of their gap year in Canada without a visa by applying for the ETA. For stays over six months, students will need a Study Permit. ESL will assist you in applying for this